Photographer: Victoria L. Lawson
Jo A. Petit  /  Ring-Mistress - Owner-Operator / Director - "I have had a lot of jobs in my life but this is by far the most fun and fulfilling!" There is no way to describe what Jo does. She has a part in about every corner of the circus and the kids. As much mom to all as Ring-Mistress to the circus, she is the drive and ambition behind the kids and is happy to stay behind them. Not at all an up front kind of gal but when called upon, she can do that too.

Brian Petit - Owner-Operator / The Circus would not be without this man. A heart of Gold. Always ready to help and builds most of our props and equipment. Not to mention the sole financial support of the circus for the kids.

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Victoria Lawson / Co-Director/Co-Admin -Vicki helped found the circus driven by her love of the Circus Arts. Now a professional aerialist, adagio acrobat, hooper, stilt walker, face painter and balloon modeler. She spends nearly 7 days a week working one part or another of Circus for the kids while still advancing in her own skills and performances. The Circus would not go on without Vicki and her tireless work for the troupe.

Photographer: Michelle Martinez
Timothy Petit / Co-Director / Technical, Equipment and Props Manager - A founding member of Circus-YOUR-Way! a true performer with a lot of flare! Tim is one of those people who just can... he can pick up any circus skill without much effort at all.  He takes lead in training new acrobats and no one can touch his speed at staff spinning but he also has a hand in the props and set up division. He enjoys woodwork and being able to apply it to our craft and has no fear of climbing for our rigging! We could simply not go on with out Tim.

Photographer: Mary Prewitt
Kyle Stearns / Co-Director/Co-Admin - Some folks are filled with amazing light and energy and Kyle is one of those people. Multi talented in so many skills with a clean style and natural flow. A lead in Adagio Acrobats, pro hooper, poi and staff spinner and training in on aerials too! Kyle is also a master organizer! He keeps the troupe calm and the stress level at gigs very low by keeping everyone informed and ready. Not to mention making sure we don't forget anything for the gigs! Kyle also helps with choreography, skit writing and troupe routines. He is definitely a jack of all trades. He does all of this as well as going to college full time to be a Biochemist while holding a part time job too!

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Carrina Nieman / Co-Director/Co-Admin - When Carrina came to circus she only wished to buy a hoop. She did not want to join circus or have anything to do with it. Well that changed quickly! She not only took on the hoop but she became a poi master in less than a month! Also taking on acro, aerials, and skits - Carrina has more talents than any of us including her could have guessed. Not to mention she is also a body art and balloon modeler professional! She is so central to circus that even with her off in Montana for College she still pops in on us and keeps track of circus virtually and is always there for any of the troupe who need her instruction, using videos and chats, our Carrina is still with us daily! We of course can't wait until Montana lets go of its grip and our Carrina may come back to us in person!

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Bree Zezulka  / Co-Director/Co-Admin - Bree is an organizing creative spirit. She loves the costume design and props and always is there to help with any project - even organizing the costumes! And that is no easy feat either! But she is also a talented face painter and body artist. In addition to her creative props and costumes she is  a graceful hula hooper and is now training in for adagio acrobats and Lyra. She is definitely a welcome member to our troupe!


Photographer: Jo A Petit
Amelia Aaron  - Amelia first joined the troupe as a seamstress but soon found that she truly had a knack for the Hula-Hoop, Poi and Staff. Some of her favorite past times when cooped up in the winter is in Face painting and Balloon Modeling in addition to all her spinning! No one can pull off the "lil old lady" Clown like our Amelia - just adorable!! Her smile and bubbly personality makes her a perfect fit in our Circus Family! She also has a great eye in photography!

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Bree Zezulka - Bree is an organizing creative spirit. She loves the costume design and props and always is there to help with any project - even organizing the costumes! And that is no easy feat either! But she is also a talented face painter and body artist. In addition to her creative props and costumes she is also a graceful hula hooper and is now training in for adagio acrobats and Lyra. She is definitely a welcome member to our troupe!

Photographer: Patrick Smith
Brett Zezulka - Brett is a spinner, a spinner of staff, a spinner of poi and his preferred method is spinning on stilts! He recently has also taken up the bull whip, but I must admit, I jump with every crack! Brett is a patient mentor and always happy to help anyone struggling in his expertise and we are grateful he is part of our troupe.

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Brianna Martinez / Brianna joined our troupe as a Balloon Modeler but now she plays with most everything in addition to balloons! Hoop dancer, acrobatic adagio flyer and base, a stiltwalker, spinner of poi and staff, toys in juggling and loves to hang from most anything, but especially the Lyra. Brianna's  outgoing personality just sets the mood for all things circus! She is a patient and friendly tutor but has the drive of a tiger when she is personally tackling a new trick or skill!

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Jessica Dickinson - Jessi is such a kind and gentle soul and when she smiles she will melt the hearts of any in view. One of our most talented hula hoopers with a natural rhythm that makes most jealous. When she is in hoop, she is in her own world and we are simply lucky that we too get to experience her spirit. Adorable in skits, plays some with poi and staff and is one of our best tutors. Miss Jessi can teach about anybody how to hoop or get a trick that is not advancing with other hoopers. We are truly blessed to have Jessi in our mix.

Photographer: Michelle Martinez
Kaelyn Clouse - If energy comes in a small package, if nothing, it so does! Our Miss Kaelyn is the busiest and most talented person we know. This young lady dabbles in Martial Arts, attends dance classes and can do every skill in circus.... except juggle... she can not juggle! We were kind of relieved actually, we had never seen a "Child Prodigy!" and were secretly glad there was at least one thing she could not "just do!"  Kaelyn seriously takes every challenge head on and she is so tiny! But trust me when I tell you, you could not do aerials or adagio acrobat and be "weak" by any means and she does both beautifully. Yes, you could say, we are truly proud of our Kaelyn.

Photographer: Michelle Martinez
Kylie Zezulka - Our ray of sunshine, Miss Kylie is always smiling. A very talented poi spinner and fluid hooper she also plays around some with aerial hoop. Kylie loves the costuming and make up of circus and is absolutely hilarious in circus skits! We adore our Miss Kylie.

Photographer: Kaitlyn Bertrand
Rena Bertrand - Our Miss Rena was meant to fly and spin and not using an airplane but her own body. She loves aerials and is accomplished in silks and lyra but she is also quite the dancer and hooper. Rena plays some in poi, face paint and balloon modeling too. A talented lady all around, and we are blessed to have her in our troupe.
All our members are required to mentor and tutor in our Troupe. Everyone has something to give and everyone has something to learn and we live by that. It enriches our lives, performances and community as well as enables younger or new members to grow and improve at such a rate we find it hard to believe ourselves. All of the members of the mini troupe are incorporated into all our events, gigs, jams and camps and are a huge part of what makes our jobs so fulfilling. They are always the first to help the "new kids!" regardless of age.  Our mini Troupe are ages 12 and under.

Photographer: Jo A Petit
Demitrius Lawson - Lil d as we call him was literally born into the Circus in the summer of 2013. When your momma is a hooping, lyra swinging, staff spinning acrobat that happens to be a pro at face painting, body arts, costumes and balloon modeling, you probably don't have a chance! But this little guy loves circus. He has not only his family daily but his circus family too. To say he gets a lot of attention is probably a huge understatement. He loves to spin the staffs and poi, tries very hard to juggle, does isolation tricks with the hula hoops and climbs all over his mom for acrobats without fear, it is all simply natural to him. He is now learning to hang from the Lyra with help of course but I am sure it won't be long before he is hanging from it for real.

Photographer: Michelle Martinez
Garrett Skolyak-Homer - Sir Garrett is a jester by nature for sure. He is most always smiling and he makes everyone around him smile too. He pretty much has grown up in Circus as his sister Aisha was one of the founding members of Circus-YOUR-Way! Garrett and Aisha had an acrobatic act that had everyone holding their breath.  As Aisha has since moved away to go to college, Garrett and brother Mikey are continuing the tradition of Circus for their creative outlet and exercise which simply comes with the territory! Garrett has a heart of gold and is always ready to help with a twinkle of mischief shining brightly in his eyes.

Photographer: Michelle Martinez
Krista Stearns - Krista is our little doll. She took naturally to poi spinning and has become quite the hula hooper too. Trying her hand at aerials and acrobatics and building up her strength for such skills is her main focus right now.  She of course wants to fly! Krista loves the skits in circus and the costumes of course and we can't wait to see what happens with this potential we all can see in our Miss Krista.

Photographer: Mary Prewitt
Michael Skolyak-Homer - Mikey is an intellect type of person but this young man is also quite the actor! He loves the skits that are played out in circus. He goes into character with each and every costume he puts on. Always ready to practice and learn, we thoroughly expect to see Mikey up on the Big Screen some day!

There are many people who support circus and donated their time and talents and one of our most treasured gifts is music with permission to use.
Lisa Downing
Lisa Downing is an amazing pianist and composer. She graciously allows our troupe creative freedom with her music. We truly adore the class and beauty of Lisa's music and we could not be more grateful! 
Geoffrey Castle
Geoffrey Castle - The day we met Geoffrey and his lovely wife our lives certainly changed. His music is so inspirational and moving you can't help but move while listening! Simply an amazing person and artist!
Plantec Website
Plantec Facebook
Plantec - We consider the day we met Yannick Plantec a miracle! Incredible, amazing, talented trio make up this band which energizes the troupe and inspires a creative release that still amazing us. The fact we are allowed to use their new release album AWEN, with permission has us totally floored! To say we are blessed is such an understatement.
Our Favorite Ted Song
Last Take
Ted Beer - Ted is an amazing classical guitarist with talents in almost all genre but we truly love this beautiful guitar work and use his music whenever we can! Ted allows us creative freedom and grants us permission to use his original music tracks.

Vivian Potter - We have only just begun to known Viv and we are so very excited as in 2014 she is working on a song written for Circus!

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